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Basic Installation Steps

  1. After you purchase Simple CNC you will receive an invitation to join the Simple CNC yahoo group
  2. Join the Simple CNC yahoo group (Membership is exclusively for Simple CNC customers)
  3. Goto "Files" in the yahoo group to download the Simple CNC
  4. Save the program to your computer
  5. Go to the location where Simple CNC was saved on your computer
  6. Double click on the program to start using Simple CNC

Detailed Steps
1. Log on to the Simple CNC yahoo group.
2. Goto the folder "Simple CNC V1.8.1"
3. Click on "SimpleCNC_V1_8_1.exe
4. Save the program to a directory
5. Choose where to save the program on your computer
6. Save in progress
7. After the progam has been saved. Goto the folder on your computer and Double Click on the program to start using Simple CNC


Start using Simple CNC
1. Double Click on the program
2. Select the cutting operation you want to define
3. Fill out the form and Click "Make G Code" button


New Save/load Projects
1. Type the path and file name of the first project in the Browse box. 2. The Proj_01 file has been saved to c:\temp\
3. Save Proj_02 by typing the path and file name in the Browse box 4. Now there are two saved projects in c:\temp\
5. Select the Browse button to load a saved project. 6. Contents of a Project file can be opened in note pad for viewing. I would not suggest editing project files directly

Then select the "Load" button to load the values saved in "Proj_02"


Using Simple CNC

- You can enter any directory path or file name here.

- The path specified must exist on your computer or on a network.

Click on the "Make G Code" button.

Click the "OK" button. This confirms the file has been written.

Look in the directory path you specified for the G Code file.


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